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Explore an abandoned building and solve clever puzzles in this adventurous first person 3D game! Lucky Pause satisfies the crave for adventure presenting a challenging game.

Homesick wiki is the most thorough wiki. Get the help you need to solve the exciting puzzles of Homesick with this Wiki guide.

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Video Game

Caption A First Person 3D Puzzle Adventure Game
Developer Lucky Pause
Release TBA
Platforms PC / Mac / Steam
Genre Adventure
Modes Single-Player

Homesick is an adventurous first person 3D puzzle game developed by indie game company Lucky Pause. The game is centred around exploring an abandoned building as you try to find clues to solve puzzles of opening new areas in the building.

The player's character seems to have been in the building for such a long time that direct sunlight is blindingly bright. When asleep you are plagued by nightmares of being chased by darkness, as you run down the halls of the building with an axe in your hand trying to find your way out before the darkness consumes you.


Homesick provides a single-player venturesome gaming experience.

Game Alpa Opening Trailer


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About Lucky Pause

Lucky Pause is an independent video game company that was founded in 2012 by Barrett Meeker. The team comprises of Barrett Meeker himself as the creative director, Morgan Wyenn as the communications director and Argon the dog as the office manager.


The project was funded 349% by 1,503 backers, raising a sum of $27,897 on February 18, 2013.


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